Welcome to Stable Diffusion 3

The next generation of AI-driven image generation, released in June 2024

Images generated with Stable Diffusion 3

portrait of beautiful cyborg with brown hair A anime screenshot of a girl wearing sundress on a beach at night. A anime screenshot of a girl wearing sundress on a beach at night.

Stable Diffusion 3 Features

High Quality

Generate images with unprecedented detail and realism using advanced neural networks. This version boasts improved text generation and strong prompt adherence.

Fast Processing

Experience rapid image generation with optimized algorithms designed for efficiency, making it suitable for both personal and enterprise use.

Multimodal Input

Supports multimodal input, allowing better understanding of natural language prompts, which enhances its usability in various applications.


Scalable architecture that supports high demand, making it ideal for both individual creators and large enterprises.


Allows for extensive customization, enabling users to fine-tune the model for specific needs and preferences.

Open Source

Stable Diffusion 3 continues to be an open-source project, fostering innovation and collaboration within the AI community.

Stable Diffusion 3 Benefits

Creative Freedom

Unlock new levels of creativity by generating unique, high-quality images effortlessly. The improved model ensures that the generated images match your prompts accurately.


Reduce costs with our efficient, scalable solutions designed to meet your budget, suitable for both individual creators and large enterprises.

Enhanced Collaboration

As an open-source project, Stable Diffusion 3 promotes collaboration within the AI community, allowing for shared advancements and innovations.

Versatile Applications

Applicable across various industries, from entertainment and advertising to research and development, providing versatile solutions for diverse needs.

How to Use Stable Diffusion 3

Getting started with Stable Diffusion 3 is straightforward and user-friendly. Follow these simple steps:

1. Sign Up

Create an account on the Stability AI platform to access the Stable Diffusion 3 API and other resources.

2. Generate API Key

Generate your unique API key to start making requests to the Stable Diffusion 3 API.

3. Integrate API

Use the API documentation to integrate Stable Diffusion 3 into your application or workflow.

4. Start Creating

Begin generating images by sending text prompts to the API and receive high-quality images tailored to your specifications.

Examples of Use Stable Diffusion 3

Explore some of the exciting applications and real-world examples of Stable Diffusion 3:

Creative Industry

Artists and designers use Stable Diffusion 3 to create stunning visuals and unique artworks, pushing the boundaries of digital creativity.


Advertisers leverage the tool to generate eye-catching images that enhance marketing campaigns and engage audiences more effectively.


Researchers utilize Stable Diffusion 3 to simulate scenarios and visualize concepts, aiding in scientific exploration and discovery.


Educational institutions integrate Stable Diffusion 3 into their curriculum to teach students about AI, providing hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology.

Get Started with Stable Diffusion 3

Ready to explore the capabilities of Stable Diffusion 3? Follow these steps to get started:

Sign Up

Visit the Stability AI website and create an account to access the Stable Diffusion 3 tools and resources.

Explore Documentation

Read through the API documentation to understand how to integrate Stable Diffusion 3 into your projects.

Join the Community

Join the Stability AI community to connect with other users, share your work, and collaborate on new ideas.

Start Creating

Begin using Stable Diffusion 3 to generate high-quality images and bring your creative visions to life.